Why Buy New?

Modern Design/Finishes- Product innovation keeps moving forward, when you buy a new home you have the time tested products balanced with the current trends for finishes and detail. At Hebert Homes, we have a variety of specs available for quick move in, or we start from our beautiful floor plans and work to ‘personalize’ the right space for you and your family!


Built with passion & attention to detail- At Hebert Homes we are confident our approach to new home construction is maintaining honest and clear communication. This is achieved by working 1-1 with Nikki. “Being present on the job site to work with our sub-contractors is a key to a timely, smooth construction process,” Nikki states, “I take great pride in meeting with the clients to clearly understand design and detail expectations so I can work with the crews daily to achieve an excellent finished product.”


The Feel of New- A “peace of mind comfort” that your home is new, meaning: all NEW equipment, products, and materials constructed by the Hebert Team and personalized by you.


Energy Efficiency- New homes are held to the highest standard of code compliance. 2015 brought in new building and energy codes designed for optimal efficiency and performance. Nikki Hebert & the Hebert Homes team continually  work with City officials to ensure we are beyond a code minimum- maximizing our home structures for the families that live in them.