The Hebert Team

At Hebert Homes we know the value of a team.  We use a family oriented team approach to make sure that all aspects of each home we build, are covered thoroughly and efficiently. We focus on preparation, proper planning, good coordination and clear communication are the keys to a wonderful experience for each customer.  This approach to home building is a tremendous asset as it ensures your new home has been carefully supervised and the finished product is one we are proud to deliver.


We are proud to be operating within our second generation of Hebert builders. Nikki Nguyen-Hebert personally meets each and every potential customer and remains closely involved throughout the building process. While personally supervising all aspects of the construction process from the initial design to the closing of your home. Working with Nikki from start to finish will prove to be the Hebert Difference. Her ability to listen to a clients, and directly implement the conversation right into the daily construction separates Hebert from our competition. The depth of Mark and Sue Hebert’s knowledge and time tested building practices combines with Nikki to create confidence in your home building experience that will last.


Our “Hands On” approach minimizes misunderstandings and problems. The best way to fix a problem is to catch it before it starts, and this is where the Hebert Homes team excels. Having real meetings with your builder, who is actually present on the job site during your home construction is the key to a successful, smooth process.

Contact us today! Nikki Hebert 612-600-6629.